Sunbird Campers Club
Sunflower Community, Tucson, AZ

The Sunbird Campers Club is an informal group of people who share an interest in the RV/camping lifestyle. Whether you own a tent, motor home, travel trailer, pickup camper or 5th wheel, or you are a former RVer or an RVer wantabe, you are welcome to join us. Most members are residents of the Sunflower Community, but others in our immediate area are welcome.

We hold occasional meetings to plan trips or events or to just socialze. These meetings are usually held in a member's home, but occasionally in a local cafe or "pub". All meetings and events are posted on this web site. Between October and May we try to plan a few trips to an interesting event, a point (or points) of interest or just to get out and enjoy life. In most cases, nearby motel/hotel accommodations are available for members no longer desiring or able to "rough it". Check the Upcoming Events page for details.

Group Photo

A Group of Happy Sunbird Campers

Last page update:  February 7, 2020