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QRP-PLUS Instruction Manuals

This is for all of you who have obtained a used QRP-PLUS sans manual!

Two versions of the instruction manual exist: one for the original QRP-PLUS and a second one for the later "Version 2" – sometimes refered to as the "New Improved" version or the "QRP++". Both manuals contain operating instructions, simplified theory of operation and basic alignment information. They also contain schematic and PC board layout drawings, but the small page format made them rather difficult to read. I have made enlarged copies of the drawings and you can download them separately (see below).

Be sure to download the appropriate version of the manual (and schematics). If you are not sure which QRP-PLUS version you have, simply look on the rear panel: if a mic gain control is present, you have the original version; if no mic gain control, then you have Version 2.

Partial Schematic

QRP-PLUS Schematic and Board Assembly Drawings

A word of caution: don't expect the schematics and PCB assembly drawings to match your rig exactly! This is especially true if you have a rig that was factory upgraded from Version 1 to Version 2. Many small changes were made between production runs that were never incorporated in updated drawings. As an example, a voltage regulator was added to the final amplifier bias circuit after the first few production runs but the schematic was never updated to show this change. And, of course, the previous owner(s) may have made modifications.

QRP Companion Manual (with Schematic)

The Index Laboratories QRP Companion was a very popular accessory for the QRP-PLUS, especially for QRPers interested in portable operation. (However, I can't imagine anyone choosing a QRP-PLUS for a backpack rig...). The companion contains an antenna tuner, noise bridge (for use in "zero-power" antenna tuning) and a gelcell battery with charger in a compact package.

Companions are showing up at flea markets and on eBay without manuals, so I thought it would be a good idea to provide a copy of one here. I don't have a clean copy of the manual, so thanks to Mark Andrews, N4FH, for supplying an electronic copy.

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